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INTRODUCING CRYOGENIC CONSULTING SERVICE, LLC Cryogenic Consulting Service has been an independent consulting and engineering organization for over 45 years. CCSI is active in consulting, design and plant operations for industrial cryogenic processes and gas purification and liquefaction.

CCSI’s activities in industrial cryogenic applications include:

Air Separation:
The production of gaseous or liquid oxygen, argon and nitrogen.

Natural Gas Processing:
Cryogenic natural gas processing including light hydrocarbons recovery, helium recovery, nitrogen rejection, natural gas liquefaction.

Hydrogen Purification:
CO-Hydrogen separation; recovery and purification of hydrogen from a variety of gas mixtures.

Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems:
Liquid nitrogen and similar refrigeration and liquefaction systems.

Computer Capabilities:
CCSI has proprietary computer programs and correlations for Air Separation (oxygen-argon-nitrogen distillation), natural gas K-values and thermodynamic properties, cryogenic heat exchanger design and process simulation programs for a variety of cryogenic gas separation applications.

CCSI has carried out modernization, revamp and upgrading of several large air separation plants, including reversing heat exchanger replacement.

Complete Plant Design:
CCSI has supplied complete designs for air separation and other cryogenic plants including a 15 T/D oxygen plant in India; a 75 T/D air separation unit in Taiwan; reversing heat exchanger unit for a 500 T/D plant at Northern Petrochemical Company; a 45 T/D and a 200 T/D liquid O2-N2-Argon plant in Korea, and a 1.0 MMSCFD CO-H2 separation cold box.

Basic Process Design Package:
CCSI has supplied basic design information for a variety of air separation plants, hydrogen purification units, etc. CCSI carried out an extensive study of cryogenic refrigeration systems for General Electric Company for cryogenic electric power cable cooling.

Project Management:
CCSI has acted as project manager for the re-erection, construction, testing and operation of a number of air separation plants. CCSI can act as your representative in preparing specifications, feasibility and economic studies, evaluating proposals and inspecting and supervising plant construction.

CCSI has been retained by a number of companies and municipalities for oxygen plant operation assistance. Clients include Northern Petrochemical Company, Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Company, City of Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Pasadena, Texas. Cryogenic Consulting Service personnel have outstanding backgrounds and qualifications in all of the basic areas related to cryogenic engineering including process and equipment design; piping and vessel design; project engineering and plant operations.

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