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Cryogenic Consulting Service has been selected for engineering and design and plant operations services in many cases by large companies who do not have their own cryogenic engineering staff engineers. Such clients include Northern Petrochemical Company, Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, Texas Instruments, Olin Chemicals, Inc. and USX Corporation.

Cryogenic Consulting Service has also been selected for special cryogenic engineering projects by important U.S. companies with their own cryogenic staff:

  • General Electric Company sought out Cryogenic Consulting Service to provide cryogenic refrigeration system design and engineering for their cryogenically cooled electric power cable study project.

  • Airco Cryoplants Corporation chose Cryogenic Consulting to design their first cryogenic distillation unit to separate radioactive Krypton-85 from the effluent gases from a BWR reactor.

  • Air Products and Chemicals Inc. selected Cryogenic Consulting Service to review a new invention for cryogenic oxygen production.

  • Sasol chose Cryogenic Consulting Service to review problems and proposed solutions relating to auxiliary reboiler explosions in some of their fourteen 2200 T/D Oxygen plants.

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