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Isnít Cryogenics body-freezing?
No. Itís low temperature engineering. Body-freezing is the more specialized science called Cryonics.

Can Cryogenic Consulting provide assistance to purchase or sell a plant?
We can and do, as well as provide feasibility studies for both buyers and sellers.

If this was a job interview, describe yourself to me!
Weíre solution providers. We have a rare combination of "in the field" experience and high-tech engineering expertise. We communicate with Plant Managers and on-site personnel in practical, "no nonsense" ways, and at the same time evaluate design with high level engineering that saves our clients time and money.

Can I install Argon or Krypton-Xenon recovery for my Oxygen plant?
It depends. Usually a 1000+ T/D Oxygen plant is required for Krypton-Xenon recovery. CCSI can do a feasibility study to evaluate reconfiguring your current air separation operation to recover these valuable gases.

How do I determine whether to replace or revamp my aging plant?
Call CCSI. Depending on the type of liquid, gas or refrigeration system, it may make more sense to re-engineer. Either way, CCSI will help you determine the most profitable and efficient path to take.

Are there any other advantages of retaining CCSI?
Two big ones are cost and service. We provide identical, and oftentimes superior technical expertise at a cost effective price. In addition, you get vital personalized service, direct attention to your engineering needs by the primary consultant. We can afford to pay attention to problems and small or unusual projects.

Okay, how do I get in touch with CCSI?
Write us at 115 Kettle Creek Road, Weston, CT 06883 or call us at (203) 227-3305. Click here for further details.


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