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Cryogenic Consulting Service has provided complete plant design for air separation plants including:
  • 1250 Nm3/Hr liquid oxygen-nitrogen-argon plant for Shin Sung Enterprises, South Korea. Important parts of this plant (compressors, mole sieve unit, cold box assembly) were fabricated in Korea under our design and supervision.

  • 500 Nm3/Hr oxygen-nitrogen-argon plant for Industrial Gases (Calcutta, India).

  • 75 T/D oxygen-nitrogen-argon separation unit for Lien Hwa Corporation, Taiwan.

  • Replacement reversing heat exchanger cold box unit for 500 T/D oxygen-nitrogen-argon plant owned by Northern Petrochemical Company, Morris, Illinois.

  • Process and equipment design of cryogenic radioactive krypton-xenon removal and recovery system for BWR Nuclear Reactor Power Plant.

  • Cryogenic Electric Power Cable Study: provided refrigeration system design, analysis and economics for General Electric Company (R&D Dept.) study for Edison Electric Institute.

  • "State of the Art" study for Natural Gas Cryogenic Expander Process for recovery of light hydrocarbon liquids from natural gas, and for Cryogenic Nitrogen Rejection Units.

  • LNG Plant Process Study for major cryogenic equipment manufacturers.

  • Review of CO-H2 separation process and plant design for Olin Corporation, Crawford & Russell and General Electric Plastics.

  • Large Oxygen Plants for Coal Gasification Study for General Electric Company and EPRI.

  • Air Separation Tower Distillation Study for Argon Recovery Optimization. Computer optimization studies for both existing plants and new plant designs.
Plant designs for India, Taiwan and Korea were adopted to make maximum use of available local materials and fabrication capability.


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